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About Me

Welcome to my website!


I am a self taught Decorative Painter.  I have been painting for about 35 years.

I started out just painting occasional gifts and the love of painting just grew and became an online and teaching business. 


I have had articles published in the Painting World magazine as well as several online magazines.


I have taught at several conventions and have been travel teaching for the past few years, and I love  meeting so many other wonderful painters, who become live long friends.


I am honored to be a DecoArt Helping Artists. I am also an FM Brush ambassador.

I  love to share what I create with all their amazing products.

I am also am part of  Art For Everyone and Craft Minute programs through DecoArt and their YouTube channel. 

Helping everyone to be creative and to learn something maybe they have never tried before.


I teach classes on zoom and do LIVEs on YouTube and Facebook.

My YouTube channel has 200 videos. Check out my links above


My hope is to inspire others to find the Passion in Painting!  To feel the relaxation and the satisfaction of having done something creative with paint!

subscribe to my youtube channel at

follow me on Facebook, twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all my latest designs!

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